Marketing Virtual Internship

ALZEA Postée il y a 4 semaines FR Entre 4 et 6 mois

Mission proposée

Research for white papers, campaigns, reports, etc
You will be given guidance and expected to carry out desk top research for ongoing work within the company – this could also include international/global projects working with UN ambassadors and players.
Training will be provided on using WordPress and Joomla, both of which are widely used for company websites and blogs. The intern will have the opportunity to work on pages, start to understand CMS
and write blog posts connected with client and project work, all of which will be helpful for international interns. Continuous feedback will be provided on written English and on writing for the web.
• Social Media
Training will be provided in using Hootsuite to schedule social media posts. There will be an opportunity to create content and posts for social media channels: twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and Linkedin. The intern will also learn how to use Canva for design work.
• Email marketing
Training and experience of using Mailchimp email marketing software, including assisting with sending out monthly email newsletter and reviewing reporting.
• Video creation
For interns interested in learning about video editing, training will be provided on using simple software to create promotion videos for upload to our YouTube Channel.
• Marketing Strategy
For interns interested in developing marketing strategies there is an opportunity to carry out competitor research, provide recommendations and present these the Managing Director.
Exact tasks will be tailored to the intern's abilities and interests.
The learning outcomes for the intern will be closely monitored. Each week students will receive additional support where required to boost confidence and knowledge in whatever areas are needed.

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

Skills required:
• Good English Skills (High B2 +)
• Competent IT skills
• Be confident in writing
• Have knowledge of and use of social media
• Have an interest and passion for marketing and digital media
• A willingness to try new Smart Phone apps for project management and communications

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