Event LDN Live Postée il y a 1 an London Entre 2 et 4 mois

Mission proposée

Event LDN Live:
Event LDN Live has provided hundreds of DJs, bands and artists to various venues in the hospitality and events industry in London and abroad for more than 20 years now.
- They will work on a new Digital Marketing and Distribution strategy for our artists: social media, influencing, content (blurbs, photos, videos etc), streaming, promotion strategy, etc.
- Music Business plans and time management: monetisation of our apps, sync licensing, Web3 (NFTs, etc), Cloud Djing, etc
- Databases with various collaborators (venues, agencies, labels, promoters, and platforms like Groover, CD Baby, etc)
- Webdesign with Wix (optional)

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

At least, Baccalaureate + 2: BSc, MSc, PgD, etc.
You are passionate about music and entertainment, very organised, rigorous, and with attention to detail. Perfect mastering of Pack Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint).
Big interest in Wix and equivalent of Photoshop etc.
An internship agreement is required and must be provided by the university or the school.
Please note that the internship tutor is a highly educated booking agent and music director (MSc in Economics, 1997).
Email contact:
Kind regards,

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