International Translation Internship Program (Native French Student)

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Mission proposée

Internship goals:

Gain significant professional experience in the field of translation.

- Improve your translation skills and strategies.

- Learn how to incorporate keywords into a translation to guarantee Search Engine Optimization.

- Expand your specialized real estate vocabulary to make proper use of it in translations.

- Strictly adhere to the manual and editing guides to meet quality standards for publication.

- Improve your proofreading skills and attention to detail.

- Become more familiar with working remotely, while learning how to carefully manage your own time.

- Benefit from personalized support from your supervisor to optimize translation timelines and techniques.

Improve English proficiency by answering NYH's main phone line and making phone calls.

- Learn how to apply your foreign language skills.

- Understand, interpret, record and transfer information received when answering the NYH phone line.

- Learn how to speak clearly, negotiate and adapt to different speakers.

- Improve your social skills and politeness, and adapt to our company culture.

- Learn how to use the company's IT resources.

- Be able to identify and solve a problem.

- Learn to work independently, manage time, plan and anticipate schedules.

- Be able to show initiative, develop research strategies and be productive.

- Learn to have adaptability and responsiveness to various scenarios.

- Be able to control and comply with instructions given.

- Learn to integrate into the team and collaborate with staff and team members.

- Be able to handle moderate stress situations and be innovative and creative, especially when talking to customers.

Make information usable and accessible in a strategic way

- Apply, reinvest and/or improve theoretical and technical knowledge.

- Write high-quality documents (content, structure, spelling)

Learn the basics of strategic management aimed at achieving goals and objectives

- Learn how to be efficient to achieve company goals.

- Understand how to quantify and qualify the work done with careful supervision.

Improve one's professional integration skills and to work in a team

- Develop listening skills, know how to present and share ideas, learn how to collaborate to achieve a common goal within the work group

- Be able to submit daily and weekly reports to management and human resources to assess one's progress.

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

Internship Details:

- Internship only open to students whose academic background includes an internship period aimed at obtaining academic credits.

- Placement with prior agreement with the home university

- Start date: to be agreed upon

- Minimum duration: 2 months

- Time: New York time zone (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. and midnight CET)

- Unpaid internship

- Remote Internship.

- The intern will be supervised by his/her own company supervisor via email, WhatsApp, and calls.

Basic requirements:

- Perfect written and oral comprehension of the English language.

- Degree background in translation or related.

- Knowledge of Microsoft Word.

- Translation test as part the application process.

Selection process:

Candidates will be required to:

- Share their CV with the company.

- Show an English language certificate (university exams, Cambridge certificates or equivalent.) with a minimum grade of C1 or equivalent.

- Take a translation test.

- Take part in an interview.

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