International Translation Internship Program (Native French Student)

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Mission proposée

Tasks to be performed:

- In the translation department, interns will be responsible for translating texts of various kinds, such as apartment descriptions and customer reviews, from English into French.

They will also have the opportunity to proofread their own and others' translations.

- In the product management department, interns will handle New York Habitat's phone line, providing our clients and property owners with appropriate customer service. They will learn how to process their inquiries and refer them to the appropriate agent.

Internship goals:

Gain significant professional experience in the field of translation.

- Improve your translation skills and strategies.

- Learn how to incorporate keywords into a translation to guarantee Search Engine Optimization.

- Expand your specialized real estate vocabulary to make proper use of it in translations.

- Strictly adhere to the manual and editing guides to meet quality standards for publication.

- Improve your proofreading skills and attention to detail.

- Become more familiar with working remotely, while learning how to carefully manage your own time.

- Benefit from personalized support from your supervisor to optimize translation timelines and techniques.

Improve English proficiency by answering NYH's main phone line and making phone calls.

- Learn how to apply your foreign language skills.

- Understand, interpret, record and transfer information received when answering the NYH phone line.

- Learn how to speak clearly, negotiate and adapt to different speakers.

- Improve your social skills and politeness, and adapt to our company culture.

- Learn how to use the company's IT resources.

- Be able to identify and solve a problem.

- Learn to work independently, manage time, plan and anticipate schedules.

- Be able to show initiative, develop research strategies and be productive.

- Learn to have adaptability and responsiveness to various scenarios.

- Be able to control and comply with instructions given.

- Learn to integrate into the team and collaborate with staff and team members.

- Be able to handle moderate stress situations and be innovative and creative, especially when talking to customers.

Make information usable and accessible in a strategic way

- Apply, reinvest and/or improve theoretical and technical knowledge.

- Write high-quality documents (content, structure, spelling)

Learn the basics of strategic management aimed at achieving goals and objectives

- Learn how to be efficient to achieve company goals.

- Understand how to quantify and qualify the work done with careful supervision.

Improve one's professional integration skills and to work in a team

- Develop listening skills, know how to present and share ideas, learn how to collaborate to achieve a common goal within the work group

- Be able to submit daily and weekly reports to management and human resources to assess one's progress.

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

Internship Details:

- Internship only open to students whose academic background includes an internship period aimed at obtaining academic credits.

- Placement with prior agreement with the home university

- Start date: to be agreed upon

- Minimum duration: 2 months

- Time: New York time zone (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. and midnight CET)

- Unpaid internship

- Remote Internship.

- The intern will be supervised by his/her own company supervisor via email, WhatsApp, and calls.

Basic requirements:

- Perfect written and oral comprehension of the English language.

- Degree background in translation or related.

- Knowledge of Microsoft Word.

- Translation test as part the application process.

Selection process:

Candidates will be required to:

- Share their CV with the company.

- Show an English language certificate (university exams, Cambridge certificates or equivalent.) with a minimum grade of C1 or equivalent.

- Take a translation test.

- Take part in an interview.

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