International Translation Internship Program (Native French Student)

New York Habitat Postée il y a 9 mois Paris Entre 2 et 4 mois

Mission proposée

New York Habitat ( is looking for students who are native French speakers to translate English texts including client's reviews and apartment descriptions. We are also looking for students who are eager to develop English-speaking skills throughout the internship.

Work in a unique, international environment and enjoy an internship where your contributions are displayed publicly on our website and social media platforms.

About New York Habitat:

New York Habitat is a renowned international real estate agency. We specialize in furnished apartments and vacation rentals with locations in New York, Paris, London and the South of France.

We have broad exposure on various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and are looking to expand our reach through multilingual networks. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important part in our content, as well.

During your internship you will:

Gain relevant experience surrounding translation abilities and general professional/time management tactics

Translate texts from different sources while maintaining the original style and tone (this also includes reviewing the translation when necessary and working on its layout)
Learn to integrate keywords in a translation for optimization needs (SEO – Search Engine Optimization)
Expand your industry-specific vocabulary (real estate) and apply it accurately in your translations
Strictly adhere to the style guides and manual to meet quality standards for publication
Enhance your proofreading skills and your eye for detail
Acquire experience in working remotely, which entails careful personal organization and time management with regular follow-up and feedback with your internship supervisor
Benefit from a personalized follow-up with your supervisor so as to optimize your translation speed and techniques
See your completed work on our website, our blog and our social media networks

Enhance English-speaking skills (By answering NYH general phone line and making phone calls)

Learn how to make use of foreign language competencies
Learn how to use the company’s documentary resources
Be able to identify and solve a problem
Learn how to work independently, manage time, plan, and anticipate
Be able to show initiative, develop research strategies, and be productive
Learn how to have adaptability and reactivity to various scenarios
Be able to monitor and respect the instructions given
Understand, interpret, record, and transmit information received when answering the New York Habitat phone line
Learn how to speak clearly, negotiate, and adapt to different audiences
Learn how to be integrated into the team and collaborate with other staff and members
Be able to manage moderate-stress situations and be innovative and creative, especially when speaking with clients
Learn how to improve social skills and courtesy, as well as how to adapt to our company's culture

Make information useable and accessible in strategic ways

Learn how to apply, reinvest and/or to improve theoretical and technical knowledges
Learn how to write high-quality documents (content, structure, spelling)

Learn strategic management for achieving goals and objectives

Learn how to be successful and effective in achieving the company’s goals and objectives
Learn how to quantify and qualify the work carried out with careful supervision
Intern will be given an average time bracket with goals and expectations for learning how to pace themselves

Enhance professional integration and teamwork skills

Have an ability to listen, being able to present and share ideas, and learn to cooperate in order to reach to a common objective within the team
Be able to submit daily and weekly reports for management and human resource to assess his progress

Develop strong work ethics

Be invested, motivated, and dynamic while working
Learn how to be open-minded and have a curiosity for learning
Be punctual and consistent at work

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

Internship particulars:

Start date: To be agreed upon
Duration: 2 months
Hours: Available between 9am to 6pm New York Time (3pm to midnight CET/Paris time)
Placement under agreement with university, unpaid internship
Internship for students working remotely via Internet
The internship supervision and coordination takes place with your supervisor via phone and Internet
Short translation test as part of your application

Your profile and qualifications:

Perfect English reading comprehension (source language) and communication skills
Major in languages, degree or certificate course in translation
Excellent written skills
Microsoft Word literacy

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