Bilingual Real Estate Assistant Internship (French speaker) – Remote position

New York Habitat Postée il y a 5 mois Paris Entre 2 et 4 mois

Mission proposée

Job Summary

The goal for this internship is to understand the structure of New York Habitat's Product Management department. The intern will learn the services we provide, how the department interacts with clients and owners, the company’s positioning in the market for connecting local, out of state and international travelers with accommodations, through understanding the New York Habitat inventory of furnished rentals.
Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain and create listings
Constructively communicate with owners to maintain our listings, creating listings in New York, London, Paris, and the South of France, from start to finish, including photo selection, descriptions & floorplan creation
Update listings
Learn how to ensure that all listing information is kept up to date and update the listings’ availability for Paris apartments
Business and Financial Modeling
Be involved on the promotion of the new pricing strategy and acquire an in-depth knowledge about business and financial modeling in the field of Real Estate

Profil recherché et exigences du poste

Skills and Education (KSAOs)

Currently a student taking up a bachelor’s degree in either Business, Real Estate, or Tourism
Has exceptional communication and writing skills
Must be fluent in French
Can attain Academic Credits for the internship
Can work remotely
International experience
Optional Practical Training are welcome

Working Conditions

Work from home (Remote)

Other Relevant Information

Has shown interests in learning the ins and outs of both international real estate and project management
Work Schedule
Must be available between 9am-6pm NY time

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